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Citation du moment
« Il n'y a pas de bonnes habitudes. L'habitude, c'est une façon de mourir sur place. »
Albert Quentin - Un singe en hiver

Budapest bachelor party

12 May 2014 | Budapest, Hungary


Incredibly I make it in time. In fact I'm even the first one to arrive. The story is that I promised I would make my best to be in Budapest for Manu's bachelor party, and after a wet night in a field near the Slovak border ("Rain on me as you want, I don't care, I'm in bed now!"), I arrive early morning on site. And to Manu's pleasant surprise, we are some twenty people to make the trip for His weekend in Budapest. We rent a huge flat near the parliament and it's tourist and party time! Even if it's strange to be back in Europe, it feels good to see friends I hadn't meet for more than a year and to share good time with them.

Of course I wouldn't consider I really discovered Budapest this way, but still I'm positively surprised by it, it is actually really beautiful city and looks quite relaxed. To be explored more from the inner side in a further trip!